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Planned Chuck Brown Amphitheater Scales Back

Saturday morning, Cleveland Park design firm Marshall Moya and the District's Department of General Services unveiled changes to the planned Chuck Brown memorial and amphitheater in Ward 5. The changes were announced at a community meeting at the Washington Center for the Aging.

New renderings show that the design firm has rethought a few aspects of the memorial and bandshell in Langdon Park. The biggest change may be a reduction in seated capacity: the amphitheater now seats 200 people, down from 900, with most of the seats converted to open lawn space.

With the assistance of consulting group Acoustical Design Collaborative, Ltd., the firm has also tweaked a few aspects of the amphitheater's acoustic setup, mostly for improved sound projection and quality. The firm made at least one suggestion that should relieve some local residents: "Locating the loudspeakers at grade or stage level will provide greater noise reduction for the nearby community from the audience seating and berm that is behind the last audience seating row," says a memo that was included in the presentation.

Here's what the old Chuck Brown Park plan looked like:

See the entire presentation at

Screenshots via Marshall Moya/Department of General Services presentation

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  • drez

    Why would anyone think that putting an open air concert venue in the middle of a quiet residential neighborhood is a good idea?

  • Cherita Whiting

    As Chuck's daughter I would like to explain that the family never asked for over 900 seating venue, and when I found out I asked how many does the current venue already hold and was told 250.....I then requested that it be left at that.
    This is what is already in the neighborhood and now it will be fixed and cleaned up so this changes nothing from what is already there.

  • Drez

    Not like a lot of butts on seats at go-gos anyway.

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