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DMV Beats: Election Night Lean

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Tweet Streets

DMV artists tweeted overwhelming support for President Barack Obama Tuesday afternoon: Fat Trel was hilarious. Black Cobain was indignant at the wait. Local native, writer, and Board Administration publicist Angela Byrd surveyed the scene at her polling station: "Mitt don't have the hoods..." Oddisee's Mello Music Group was encouraging, yet self-promotional. Bowie, Md., X-Factor alum Marcus Canty was wholly enthusiastic. Veteran DJ Big Tigger employed the editorial we. Darren Harper hopped on the bandwagon. Kane Mayfield hated on Fox News. —Ramon Ramirez

Trel Limit Soldier

Things seemed pretty normal for rapper Fat Trel this past Halloween. That was until a random all-caps tweet sent his followers into a tizzy. "MY NEXT BIG DECISION IZ 4 MY FAMILY & COMPANY!!!," Trel tweeted. "FUKKK WHU DONT LIKE IT #NOLIMIT." Yes—that No Limit, the Master P-owned record label that helped launch the careers of Lil Wayne and Mystikal.

Apparently, Master P has enlisted Trel and Chicago rapper Chief Keef for a song on his upcoming Al Capone mixtape. So the speculation continues: Is Fat Trel signing with No Limit? The Fat One's been bubbling in D.C. for a little while now, so a deal would be a good look, even if No Limit isn't nearly the label it was 14 years ago. —Marcus J. Moore

Phil Da Phuture's Phronting

Phil Da Phuture, a member of Raheem DeVaughn's 368 Music Group, just dropped a mixtape called Louder Than You. It's brash and hilarious, and full of songs that tout dude's sexual exploits: "My Dick" is about his hardworking penis; "Take Your Clothes Off" features a smooth R&B hook from Big Perm; "Running Back" is an ode to the women that traffic his drugs. "More Bags" demands more vacuum-cleaner bags. I'm not hip enough to decode that, but there's a good chance it's about transporting illegal substances. The beats are solid, the raps are better. —RR

Laelo Smokes Good

In a City Paper write-up this past summer, we mentioned how rapper Laelo loves weed. It's a topic he revisits constantly, in rhymes or his Twitter feed. In his recently released video for "The Smoke Out," Laelo takes his love to another level: He plays a poker game with members of local rock band Violet Says 5, and totes a Cheech-and-Chongesque bong while asking for the number to the pizza guy ("We need like 10 large pepperoni cheese pizzas," he says at one point). Elsewhere, he sits on a weight bench and gets a tattoo. Somehow, it all works. —MJM

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