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Ten Million Rainy Days: City Paper’s Hurricane Sandy Spotify Playlist

You're home, you're wearing sweatpants, and you need some rainy-day tunes. Well, here you go.

Hopefully, it covers all your hurricane bases: Some levity, some pathos, a hefty supply of local. And, in the case of that Bryan Ferry song, some sexy. Did I miss anything essential? Let me know in the comments. Thanks to the folks I bugged in Google Chat for suggestions.

Photo via NASA

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  • jkr

    Not having Bruce Springsteen's "4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)" as Sandy(!) is destroying boardwalks up and down the Jersey shore -- including Asbury Park -- makes this list completely invalid.

  • Neal

    Some classic rock stormy staples -

    "Like a Hurricane" - Neil Young
    "The Rain Song" - Led Zeppelin
    "Riding the Storm Out" - REO Speedwagon

  • MP

    Judge - The Storm

  • DanielleinDC

    Billy Joel's "Storm Front",

  • SLA

    The Alarm: 'Eye of the Hurricane'
    Irma Thomas: 'It's Raining' & 'Back Water Blues'
    Beusoleil: 'L'Ouragon'
    and of course 'Stormy Weather'...

  • SLA

    That's Beausoleil. As in "beautiful sun."

  • sk

    more soul ones

    Dramatics "In the Rain"
    Brook Benton "Rainy Night in Georgia"

  • Big Pappa

    Um, what about The Scorpions' ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE!

  • Jonathan L. Fischer

    @Big Pappa: Would've been kind of obvious, no? Ditto Neil Young's "Like a Hurricane" and Bob Dylan's "Hurricane." And the Springsteen song, too.