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Faces Made by Drake While 2 Chainz Was Rapping at Howard University’s Yardfest

The official Yardfest vid from 2 Chainz gleefully documents the pandemonium that Drake inspired Saturday on the Howard quad. Skip ahead to about 2:30 for the screeching and barricade-jumping. The real entertainment in the vid, however, comes from watching Drake make those "who farted" faces while 2 Chainz raps. SCREENSHOTS, Y'ALL:






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  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    I wonder, how many of these thugs are Howard University graduates and give money back to the school? We are truly living in the last days on earth. During my days at Howard, we listen to artists like Blue Magic, Moments, Earth Wind & Fire, Roberta Flake, Donnie Hawthaway, Delfonics. It's my understanding, Drake just completed his GED recently and he haven't attended college. Why is he wearing a Howard Unveristy shirt and he's not an alumnus or student?

  • Typical DC BS

    I'll give Drake some credit for taking the time out of his career to get his GED. Better late than never. Maybe he'll continue on with his education? I bet he's getting schooled in the music business!

    Look at where Jay-Z came from and where he's at today. The school of life can be a great teacher too, if you continue to learn throughout your life.

  • Tru Dat

    Let Drake do his thang at the Mecca--his way! Through God's grace, Drake was placed in a highly competitive industry and has performed at the highest level (clearly in the top 1% of rappers in the game). While I value education--lets keep in real--how many well educated people conversely get a degree and ultimately under excel with their God-given talents (perhaps in the lower 50% of their peers). As long as brother-man doesnt break laws and continues his upward trajectory towards manhood, bruh enjoy yourself on the yard for real. Will Smith and Jay-Z (along with some others) were doing the same damn thing back in the day---and they are dominating the industry. Peace