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The Plums Release Nixon’s Mess (on Cassette, Obvs)

The Plums toiled for about a decade before they put out a proper album (last year's quasi-comprehensive White LP), and now the floodgates are totally freaking open for the D.C. noise band.

Brooklyn label Prison Art has released the two-song, 32-minute Nixon's Mess, which provides a reasonable Plums entry point for anybody who likes epic indie rock but might be frightened by the concept of improvisational guitar-oriented music. The album exists in the corporeal realm as a cassette-only* run of 60 units, but the music can be heard in its entirely on Bandcamp.

* The label characterizes its aesthetic as "sparse, weird, heavy."  In that sense, it's not totally "Brooklyn." Putting out cassettes is definitely "Brooklyn," though. D.C., to be fair, is no stranger to that kind of Brooklyn.

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  • Prison Art

    I think we're going to change our motto to:
    "Generic, mushy, apolitical, featureless"

    In all seriousness Joe, thanks for an awesome review

    Please let me know if you're ever interested in reviewing any of our other releases and I'll keep you in the loop for sure.

  • brian

    Plums live is even better, stoked for this release