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Dag Nasty Plans Reunion to Coincide with Salad Days Event

Dag Nasty, the melodic hardcore band from D.C. credited with (or accused of) paving the way for emocore, is planning to reunite for one magical evening at the Black Cat Dec. 28.

The reunion will include original members Shawn Brown, Brian Baker, Roger Marbury, and Colin Sears, the lineup that wrote much of Dag Nasty's well-loved debut LP Can I Say, released in 1986 on Dischord Records. (It's being called the Can I Say lineup, but vocalist Dave Smalley actually sang on the band's first record.)

Reunion-happy Government Issue is also on the bill, alongside Black Market Baby and Kingface. (Related: Check out Mike Paarlberg's July 2011 City Paper story about hardcore-band reunions.)

The show is a "celebration" of Salad Days, Scott Crawford's forthcoming documentary about D.C.'s 1980s hardcore scene. (The Kickstarter for that film, by the way, has met and exceeded its original goal of $32,000; the goal has since been bumped up to $42,000.)

The original version of this post inaccurately reported that Shawn Brown sang on Dag Nasty's Can I Say. Dave Smalley was the vocalist on that record.

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  • Huh

    Shawn Brown had already left by the time Can I Say was recorded.

  • Ally Schweitzer

    I'm actually in the middle of rewriting that sentence. Gimme a minute...

  • Ricky D

    Shawn Brown is Dag Nasty's first vocalist, but he didn't sing on "Can I Say." Dave Smalley did.

  • Re: Huh

    True. Shawn did not sing on Dischord #19, and thus clarification is in order. However, he did help write a good number (if not all) of the songs that Smalley stepped in to sing and sang on the "Can I Say" demos. So, he can certainly be lumped in with the "Can I Say" era.

  • Ally Schweitzer

    OK, I corrected the post. Sorry for repeating that misinformation, everyone!

  • Scott Crawford

    This will be a 2 night event, btw--we're still working through the details but these bands have confirmed with more to follow! Please let your readers know that tickets will be on sale soon but that this will be 2 NIGHT EVENT: DEC 28/29

  • MM

    I'm there. We gotta get Bubba and Black Market Baby,U.S. Chaos and some others to show for night two.

  • Big Youth

    Shawn was great with SWIZ and the Can I Say demo. I can't wait for this. No matter what, Shawn is going to bring it.

  • godslookdown

    dude if swiz also reunites for this my brain will explode in an awesome way. make it happen!!!!! jason would be down. he's a cool cat

  • Can I say

    Dag fans = morons

  • Anti-trollololo

    @ can I say - troll much?