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Someone Make This Happen: Minor Treat Ice-Cream Truck

Ice Cream-Eating Motherfucker Truck

Are you listening, food-truck entrepreneurs?

Guy Picciotto's ice cream-eating motherfucker screed, immortalized in the Fugazi documentary Instrument, gets trucked. (Don't gather your loose change just yet: It's a Photoshop job.) Courtesy Edit design firm partner Brian Miller, who knows Picciotto was not in Minor Threat, but couldn't resist the pun.

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  • Joe Warminsky

    The pops should not be Dora or Spiderman ... just little sheep.

  • h4pr

    Steady Diet of Push Ups

  • Joe Warminsky

    Most popular flavor: Guilty of Being Vanilla

  • TM

    Oh, man I remember that Michael Little article and the shitstorm it caused. Of course, that was a few years BC (before commenting) so "shitstorm" meant more like a half a dozen angry letters to the editor. I loved that cover image of Ian dressed as a pilgrim. Is that available on the WCP website anywhere?

  • Joe Warminsky

    In this pun-filled context, it is significant to note that Rollins once dressed up as Vanilla Ice.

  • Ryan Holladay


  • Ryan

    You know they have some vegan-friendly sorbet in there.

  • mike ley

    needs to be a haagen dazs truck to really pull it all together

  • Matt Cohen

    I'd assume that nothing is over $5 in this truck. Though $5 seems steep for ice cream. $.50 then?

  • Joe Warminsky

    There could also be an Ice of Spring truck, too. Italian ice, that is.

  • mighty

    Mike Little is teh awesome!!!1!!

  • Erica

    Not just Vanilla Ice, Joe. He was manager of the Hagan Daas in Gtown as well :)

  • Lynda Bay

    Cool! Really pretty cool!

  • Mike Little

    It's good to be remembered! And I love the idea for the truck. Bring it on!

  • billy B

    You're welcome..

    We're not the first, I hope we're not the last
    'Cause I know we're all heading for that sugar crash
    The cost is so little, the cream belongs to us
    Why is everybody in such a fucking rush?
    Make do with what you have
    Take what you can get
    Pay your money to us
    We're just a frozen treat
    We're just a frozen treat
    Early to finish, I was late to start
    I might be an adult, but I'm a minor at heart
    Get some ice cream, be a man, what's the fucking deal?
    It's not how old I am, it's how old I feel
    Take your time
    Try not to forget
    We never will
    We're just a frozen treat
    We're just a frozen treat

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