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Photos: Fiona Apple @ Warner Theatre

I've always thought of Fiona Apple as the anti-Tori Amos, at least in terms of her voice—both deliver a torch song with ease, but Apple's delivery has always been less affected, more real. Last night at a sold-out Warner Theatre, Apple showed that her voice is as powerful as it was in 1996, the year of her debut. Far from the on-stage meltdowns and tabloid dramatics of her younger days, this was a more mature version of Apple, who finally seems to have fully harnessed her talent as an adult. “A lot of my earlier songs are blaming other people and never thinking that I ever did anything wrong, because I was always trying to be completely loyal and honest and pure,” she said in a recent New York Times article. “It’s so nice to come to a place where you can see how you absolutely enabled all these things to happen. It makes you stop being angry at people. It makes you start being more empathetic.”

See a slideshow of photos from last night's show here. Additional photos from the show can be found here.

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  • Federico

    I think the difference you perceive (between Apple and Amos) doesn't lie in the respective voices or singing abilities as much as in the way they write. When Tori Amos writes a song about a breakup she might mention also the last sentence her haistylist said to her and the myth of some unknown indian goddess...while Apple is usually way less obscure.