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Grussle Shows That 14th Street Is Still Good for Something

When record stores no longer exist—except as holograms in some sort of virtual backwater where only the nerdiest of record nerds would dare to go—we'll look fondly upon this low-key "producer digs out a record and makes a beat from it" video featuring DMV producer Grussle (aka E-Minah) and produced by Anthony "Gadget" Mims' Digital Hustle Films. Their hook? Grussle dips into Som on 14th Street NW (owner Neal Becton has a cameo), and is allowed to select only one LP from the dollar bins. He's not allowed to listen to the record before buying it. He rolls out with some late-era Carrie Lucas and flips a gooey but slightly aloof groove into a more acid-jazz-tinged head-nodder. The full version is at Gadget's (He's the guy who did the Ghostface/DMV beat tape, and he's got a similar project coming in July, this time dedicated to MF Doom.)

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  • just sayin’

    With Oscar Brown, Jr. in the background. That was cool. Love this little shop.