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Send Us Pictures of You and Chuck Brown

Chuck and me

Chuck Brown's manager, Tom Goldfogle, once told me that all of the Godfather of Go-Go's appointments—public performances, quick lunches, doctor's appointments—were padded by at least 20 minutes on either end, because everywhere Chuck Brown went, people stopped him and asked to have a picture taken with him. And Brown never turned down a request.

One thing that's been said of Brown, since word of his passing spread yesterday, is how much he loved his fans, and how he continued to be grateful for their love and support throughout his career. And with those words have come supporting photos—it seems every Washingtonian (or Virginian, or Marylander) worth their salt has a pic standing next to Chuck Brown. He was surely the most photographed man in D.C., and it's incredible that he took the time for so many snaps over the years.

Live shots of Brown are amazing; portraiture of him—always in his trademark hat and shades—is fantastic. But nothing captures Brown like those quickly snapped pics of him standing next to fans, smiling the same genuine smile in each and every shot.

If you have a shot of yourself with Chuck Brown, we'd like you to send it to us, along with the story behind the picture, or just a few kind words about the Godfather. We'll run them in next week's paper. Email us at

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  • Andrei Soloviev

    The highly anticipated, night show of Chuck
    Brown at the House of Blues , New Orleans
    is the most important show I've ever
    I've seen him all over DC , but to see and feel his
    groove in New Orleans was magical.
    Chuck always had love and time for his fans.
    I was so pumped up, and didn't have a CB
    shirt or anything , but DC gear,so I frantically
    wrote on a clean white T-Shirt,
    "I Love Chuck"
    He turned the HOB into a DC , Go-Go party!
    If I could tell Chuck one thing is,
    Thank you for making world a better place to
    live, your groove, will always be in our hearts
    and feet. Your talent was amazing , but what's
    more amazing , is your heart and being such
    a good human being.
    Your light is extraordinary , and I will miss
    your music, spirit and how proud you made
    US, feel in DC!
    Love always, Go-GO Andrei

  • http://k&kproductions KIM PLUMMER

    It saddens me to see this day come... I have always been afan of gogo.. But most of all I have alwys bee a chuck brown fan.... losinghim hurts , as if he was one of my family members...I go all the way back to the howard in the early 80s....gone but never forgotten... He named me MRS. GERMANTOWN....THANKS

  • Helene Fisher

    This is Chuck's last extensive interview. Prince George's Suite Magazine did it last Spring.

  • Helene Fisher

    Check out the segment of the Chuck's interview at

  • Melinda peacock

    I love not only chucks musical talent he had a kind loving spirit about himself he loved people. He will be greatly missed...wind me up chuck!!!!

  • Councilman, Rt Arthur Jackson

    Two years ago Fairmount Heights Maryland Councilmembers Patricia Waiters, Joan Crowde, Former Town Resident, Alsphonso Hatcher and yours truly, a Former Town Councilmanorganized The First Chuck Brown Hometown Day , to honor the Native of Fairmount Heights Md. This event can be seen today on youtube go to CHUCK BROWN HOMETOWN FESTIVAL. And we believe that Chuck Brown's legend will live for many genrations to come, therefore we are planning, with the assistance of Celebrities,Elected Officals, Community leaders in Maryland, Virginia and The District a Grand historic tribute to The God Father of Go Go Next Month in Fairmount Heights, Md, his hometown. We will announce our plans on Tuesday, all fans are welcome to participate. Telephone 240-701-2878 OR BY EMAIL