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Kokayi Plans New Album as CZRS

You never know what to expect from Kokayi. On 2010's Robots & Dinosaurs, the Southwest D.C. native experimented with electro-pop and rock, with strong results. His subsequent remix album repackaged Robots & Dinosaur's chilling themes with bouncy dance beats. And after hitting you with old music from his first beat machine, Kokayi took listeners on a road trip from California to the state of Washington on Pacific Coast Highway.

On June 1, Kokayi will release two new singles—"Leave Me Alone" and "Wayts"—under his CZRS moniker. By late summer, Koke will release a 10-track CZRS album, Pro Deo Patria, which will combine punk, hip-hop, funk, rock, and "psychodisco"—his term. He might just be versatile enough to pull that off.

Among other themes, "Wayts" meditates on the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Amadou Diallo. And "Leave Me Alone," a snippet of which you can hear below, is a reggae tune about infidelity. Check it:

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