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Photos: Ted Leo & the Pharmacists Play The Tyranny of Distance @ Black Cat

Ted Leo & the Pharmacists played the second of two sold-out shows on Sunday to commemorate the 10th—well, 11th—anniversary 2001's  The Tyranny of Distance. The concerts were recorded by a who's-who of the D.C. music videography, with Jim Saah and Brendan Canty's TrixieFilm recording the show. After breaking a string on his guitar—and declaring he'd rather not waste the audience's time by restringing it—-Leo launched into a jaw-dropping version of the rarely played "The Ballad of the Sin Eater" during the encore, transforming from mild guitar rocker to mad, mic-only frontman. Returning to the stage after jumping into the crowd, Leo finished the song by dropping the microphone and walking off stage. If a DVD comes out, be sure to watch out for the audience's dropped jaws.

Check our gallery of photos from the show.

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