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Listen: Teen Mom’s Mean Tom EP

Fuzz-loving D.C. indie-pop trio Teen Mom may sound like they could be from anywhere—Ridgewood, N.J.? Athens, Ga.?—but their beach pop (self-identified but accurate) gets points for proficiency. Honeyed, wistful vocals? Check. Melancholic, sandalgazing guitars? Oh yeah. But the hooks on Teen Mom's new Mean Tom EP are solid—the one in "I Wanna Go Out" is downright rousing—and that's 80 percent of the battle. (Though I wish some of the melodies leaned a little harder toward Prefab Sprout, a little softer in the direction of Death Cab.) The shore vibes are pure frosting.

Listen to Mean Tom below, and buy it here.

Teen Mom performs with East Ghost tonight at 8:30 p.m. at Red Palace.

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