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Ian MacKaye Is 50

I don't think I'm going to top this zinger from @JADEDPUNKHULK: "NOW THAT IAN MACKAYE TURN 50, HE START GETTING AARP FANZINE."

Wait, wait, I got one: Now that Ian MacKaye is 50, maybe he'll get cranky?

Kidding! Somehow, I don't think MacKaye's friends are gathering tonight for an epic roast.

You can probably glean lots of aging-punk resonance from the fact that the guy who led Teen Idles, Minor Threat, Fugazi, and The Evens has now clocked a half century—but MacKaye, as he frequently reminds grasping interviewers, isn't especially interested in nostalgia. With a new Evens full-length somewhere on the close horizon, clearly the dude is still looking forward.

So happy birthday, Ian MacKaye. Here's a video of you making some awesome facial expressions:


Photo by Bert Queiroz/courtesy Dischord

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  • ross

    Ba dum pshh! good one!

  • Java Master

    Okay, now that we can confirm that you actually ARE a grownup, will The City paper stop all the bullshit Fugazi nostalgia already?

  • Grumpy anti-hardcore anti-punk Critic

    Psst...wanna know a secret?...Minor Threat and Fugazui weren't really all that..

  • Rad Rick


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  • Ben

    Whoah, Java Master and Grumpy, I can't believe you guys went there! I was expecting everyone to come on here and say something nice about Ian MacKaye's birthday, and then BAM!, you totally blew my mind by saying that Fugazui (sic) wasn't actually that good! You guys are totally up in the collective faces of all those stuffy, hidebound Fugazi/Minor Threat fans, and I can tell that you just don't give a FUCK. I salute you!

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