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Justin Jones to Release a Full-Length on 9:30 Records

The first release from the 9:30 Club's widely trumpeted label, 9:30 Records, was an EP from local alt-country howler Justin Jones (who, by the way, is a 9:30 Club bartender). It's been more than a year, and the second release from 9:30 Records? It's a full-length from Justin Jones.

OK, so this more or less confirms what 9:30/I.M.P. honcho Seth Hurwitz intimated back in Sept. 2010—that 9:30 Records basically exists to release Jones' music. "The goal of this has never been making money on the label,” Hurwitz told me at the time. "It’s about getting Justin’s music out there for people to hear. It’s about turning him into a live act." Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Also, nothing wrong with the fact that 9:30 Records isn't really a full-fledged label—much of its infrastructure is handled by an "aggregator" company called Thirty Tigers.

Jones' new album Fading Light—his fourth full-length—is out on May 8. He recorded it with his band at White Star Sound, a studio near Charlottesville, Va., with producer Jamie Candiloro. Jones gigs April 3 at Jackie's Sidecar in Silver Spring.

The album's first single is "Miracles," a chugging road anthem with a soft, sentimental core. Nothing wrong with that, of course. Listen and download below.

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  • Nelson

    So if Thirty Tigers uses Red for distribution and Red uses Sony ~ now all of Sony's physical is being done by Anderson who is distributing this release. Plus now that IOTA is owned by Orchard is there a conflict brewing on the digital distribution side as well. These are some of the insider baseball stuff that labels need to consider and the artists as well since this is how you'll repay the label for making the release and while no one is paying attention the Sony's of the world have Haliburtionized USMADEMUSIC.