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Listen: Washerwoman’s Debut Seven-Inch

In this week's Washington City Paper—our annual Best of D.C. issue—I've got all kinds of praise for Cricket Cemetery Records, which over the last year has grown from a great boutique hardcore label into, um, a great boutique hardcore-plus-other-stuff label. Cricket Cemetery has a bunch of releases the spring, and selections from most of them are currently streamable on the label's Bandcamp hub. Coming up from the label: new stuff from Arlington thrash/hardcore act ROTE HEXE, a Beasts of No Nation/LTW split, and more LTW.

Turn your dial first to this, the debut 7-inch from bleak, noisy power duo Washerwoman, whose members used to play together as Phonic Riot. What you got is more or less what you'll get, and that's a good thing: Singer/guitarist Angela Morrish and drummer Nathan Jurgenson are still pumping out purgative art-abuse epics. Listen to "Burn the Veil" and "Father" below. The Washerwoman 7-inch is out on Cricket Cemetery May 1.

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  • Richard Nixon

    I don't know about you guys but I like to know what my chicks are singing about behind my back.

  • Miriam

    Sorry to nerd out on you like this, but from their Bandcamp it looks like Rote Hexe is the band, Red Witch is the album. (Rote Hexe means Red Witch in German.)

  • Jonathan L. Fischer

    My dumb error, Miriam. Thanks!