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Sweetlife Second Stage Includes Delta Spirit, Zola Jesus, Bluebrain, and More

When Sweetgreen announced its 2012 Sweetlife Festival, I wasn't exactly thrilled by its mostly bland, "indie" but inoffensive tasting menu of a mainstage lineup. I feel better about what's been booked for The Treehouse, the event's second stage: Americana ramblers Delta Spirit, hypnagogic disco purveyor Twin Shadow, art-goth wailer Zola Jesus, insufferable sophistipop party starters The Knocks, stalwart indie remixer RAC, local classic-rock pasticheurs U.S. Royalty, Malaysian future crossover Yuna, a close harmony trio named after Corey Haim named Haim, Citi-advertisement soundtracker LP, Cut Copy's Ben Browning, and local experimental pop duo Bluebrain. I count six examples of hype-machine style over substance. But I'm cool with the rest of it—and I'm glad to see Bluebrain on such a relatively large platform.

The mainstage lineup, you'll remember, includes AviciiKid CudiThe ShinsExplosions in the SkyFitz and the Tantrumsfun., and A$AP Rocky.

Tickets to the Sweetgreen-sponsored concert are $75-$125.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • Sean

    Um. Haim is there last name, and has nothing to do with Corey Haim. Sweet job doing investigative research there, bud.

    The Knocks are "insufferable" huh? Not as insufferable as your pretentious tastes. You'd only be happy if the entire festival was DIY-punk bands from DC in the 90s.

  • Sean


  • Jonathan L. Fischer

    Re your first paragraph: You're right, Sean. Thanks.

    Re your second: This festival lineup has way more serious shortcomings than the lack of "DIY-punk bands from DC in the 90s." But thanks for the input.