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Body Wishes’ Drone Jams Are Good for Brunch (and Other Meals, Too)

The next time local DIY venue The Cherch hosts a drone brunch—the inaugural one took place two weekends ago, and featured drone music from Insect Factory and Layne Garrett—they should book Body Wishes, a minimalist project from Hume guitarist Peter Tran. Body Wishes performs tonight at another D.C. DIY space, and you can get yourself primed with White Chocolate, an eight-song, 89-minute album that's been online since October.

Eight songs, 89 minutes: That is so drone. But you hardly notice the length of these compositions, which mostly consist of distant hums, gentle feedback, and chopped-up synthesizers. If you set it to an insistent beat, the bedrock loop in opener "Sleep Over" would be rave-y and ecstatic; instead, Tran treats it like a primer color, painting over it for seven minutes before letting it melt into a glimmery stew. Like everything on White Chocolate, the song is densely packed, slow-evolving, space-tossed, and utterly spiritual.

Last time I spoke with Hume frontman Britton Powell, he said the group is planning a big year. Expect more music—hopefully in this vein—from the band, which spent much of last summer holed up in Upstate New York writing and recording. Powell said three of the band's members will also have solo releases—Tran; drummer Wilson Kemp, aka Macaw; and Powell himself.

Here are the deets for tonight's show. Listen to White Chocolate below.

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