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Your Prayers Have Been Answered, Parrotheads

Tailgate this way

Jiffy Lube Live has lifted its much-criticized (especially by Jimmy Buffet fans) ban on tailgating, reports Chris Richards on Click Track. And yet:

So here are the rules. Grills will now be allowed. Tents and canopies will still be forbidden. Driving aisles must be kept clear of chairs and tables. And members of the Prince William County police, the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and Jiffy Lube Live staff will continue to enforce a ban on open alcohol containers in the parking lot.

No drinking? Isn't that, like, the whole point of tailgating?

The Bristow, Va., amphitheater, which is run by Live Nation, has posted an exhaustive guide to the ways in which one may now tailgate (including graphics!)—all of this being in accordance with Virginia law.

But I wouldn't be surprised if—you know, after an arrest or two to show they're serious—police and the venue start quietly allowing tailgating to occur as God intended it. After all, the whole point of lifting the ban is to keep Jiffy Lube Live's consumers happy. (Rep from Live Nation calls me in 3...2...1...)

At any rate, that's how the similarly sized, tailgate-friendly Maryland amphitheater Merriweather Post Pavillion rolls.

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  • Diane Wilshere

    The alcohol ban has been there since Nissan Pavilion opened. It was not enforced until after the fatal DUI accident after the Buffett concert in 2009. In 2010, the police started strictly enforcing the no alcohol. Even a cup of soda they would make you pour on the ground. I suspect that when Mr. Buffett and a couple of the other acts basically said they'd move thus cutting revenue is when they changed. I really want to see them force the taking down of tents and canopies. Let's face it, Live Nation really wants to cut the customer base.

  • DT

    I won't go there regardless... Place sucks to get into and out of... 66 is usually a parking lot anyway.. One two lane road in and out.. Cluster F@#K and expensive... They've got NO problem selling you overpriced food and beer inside.

  • Nosgoth1979

    It’s about time, but it still seems too restrictive. Although I’ll admit, I get carried away with my tailgating parties sometimes. Our normal plan includes arriving way early with lots of drinks, lots of food, and plenty of entertainment options. I’m usually in charge of bringing the TV, which makes sense since I’m a DISH Network employee. Recently though that’s become a pretty easy task with DISH’s Tailgater, which is a tiny, self-pointing dish in a weather resistant case that looks like a cooler or something; and because it does most of the work itself, it takes me about a third of the time my old set-up took and it gets HD signals. It’s great, but unfortunately I still don’t think my group will be throwing one of our parties at this venue.