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Six Recent DMV Hip-Hop Videos Ranked in Order of Sincerity

1. SmCity featuring Pro'verb, "My Own Boss"
Of all the rap videos that prominently feature Malcolm X imagery, at least 99 percent are sincere.

2. Young Sir, "Don't Stop"
Back-alley cinematography. Humble body language. A midsong work-ethic monologue. A Ben's shot.

3. Phil Adé feat. Casey Veggies "P.O.P. Music (Paper Over Pussy)"
FACT: You might say that you put money ahead of sex, but sooner or later sex is gonna work its way back to the top of the priority list.

4. Laelo featuring Paradise, "Fly With Me"
Frank Sinatra was on the "Come Fly With Me" tip like 50 years ago. Oh wait, this song is about weed.

5. Luegar, "The New DC"
His shirt says "Captain Kirk." The ladies' shirts say "Goony Girls." He calls himself a warlock. It's all good, though.

6. Garvey The Chosen One,  "Beat It Like A Dog"
The outtakes from this shoot are probably hilarious.

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  • Kirk Luegar

    Thanks for the promo joe!

  • Joe Warminsky

    Ah, so you literally are Captain Kirk Luegar.

  • kouzinko

    Walk a mile in our shoes.... New D.C.

  • Kirk Luegar

    thanks for supporting local artists.

  • Tessa Yago