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Thievery Corporation Loves Democracy

Thievery Corporation: mere stewards of democracy

In case you didn't get the memo, Thievery Corporation is down with the people.

The latest single from U Street NW restauranteur/nightlife don Eric Hilton's lyte-funk ensemble is called "Unified Tribes," and it self-awards Thievery Corporation yet another badge of authenticity, this time derived from the Occupy movement. The accompanying video shows agile MC Mr. Lif maneuvering between tents in McPherson Square, rhyming about demonstrations nationwide, something about beauty and/or light, spiritual heights, and, er, um, well, it's a soup, of sorts. A gumbo. Of righteousness.

Hey, but that bass line is totally funky, right?

About the track, Hilton says "We’ve been so fortunate to link up with Mr. Lif...He has a revolutionary spirit in the purest, most humane sense; and the world needs more of his conscious approach to hip-hop." (T. Corp. is also co-producing Lif's upcoming album, scheduled to be released on the group's ESL label in 2012.) ESL's website calls the song "another sonic Molotov aimed straight at the belly of the beast." A Molotov, yes! Or, maybe something a little less scary. Like a fluffy pillow. And after we're done tackling all this toxic greed and corruption, I could really use a $14 cocktail. Man, where could I get one of those right now?

Watch the video below.

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  • ZeeofDC

    Semi-pro hater. You belong at CP.

  • Ally Schweitzer

    Just you wait till I go pro.

  • Head-Roc


    its refreshing to see someone else exposing the co-opting efforts of the aptly named Thievery Corporation.

    Millionaires who have sucked DC based Artists dry for over a decade now to build their wealth... just like the 1%!

    Bamas... all these conscious MC's in DC and they cant find no one to put out? oh, that's right...

    The Thieves dont pay well.

  • Ahmad

    Hilarious. And awesome. Almost as awesome as the pulitzer deserving Kingdom of Fear review.

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  • Ahmad

    Oops, Culture of Fear that is.

  • Sista:Stace

    These DC brothers have been writing and talking about the Illuminati, 9-11, the CFR, Bilderberg, the disgusting and illegal wars, the IMF and everything that's come to pass for the last 10 years. Meanwhile, the CP never goes near the massive elephant in the room.

    BTW, Rock Creek Press is the bomb!

    Check these real writers and journalists if you want to be informed and inspired:

    Luke Rudkowski
    Paul Craig Roberts
    Bob Chapman
    Max Keiser
    Gerald Celente
    James Corbett
    Michel Chossudovsky
    John Pilger
    David Ray Griffin
    Naomi Klein
    John Perkins
    Daniel Hopsiker
    Michael Rivero
    Catherine Austin Fitts
    Dimitri Orlov
    Webster Tarpley
    Wayne Madsen
    Rep. Cynthia McKinney
    Michael Ruppert
    Doug Casey
    Bud Conrad
    Chalmers Johnson (RIP)
    Mike Whitney
    Peter Dale Scott
    Marc Faber
    James Howard Kunstler
    Dylan Avery
    Bob Bowman
    Colin Campbell
    Richard Heinberg
    Alex Jones
    William J. Murphy of GATA
    Aaron Russo (RIP)
    David Icke
    Barry Zwicker
    Max Blumenthal
    Rep. Ron Paul
    Jim Marrs
    Kalle Lasn
    George Galloway
    Cindy Sheehan
    Lizzy Phalen
    Mahdi Nazemroaya

  • LittleSaigon

    Yes. Max Keiser is awesome. The true don of the Occupy movement. Pull whatever you have out of the banks B4 they steal it. The 99% can crash the system tomorrow by buying one ounce of silver per person. Paper currency enslaves us all for the benefit of the elite.

    Let's crash JP Morgan. Just Google Max Keiser and learn how to fell the dragon that is the 1%.

    Love Thievery Corporation by the way. Thanks for the article.

  • U Street Buzz

    Is this a review? Because it seems more like a standard snarky blog comment. There's no actual commentary about the music or lyrics, just cynicism about the topic and viewpoint represented.

    There's no better way to boost your cred than taking a swipe at local lefty musical faves, right?

  • ThessalonikiFari

    I saw Thievery Corporation share the stage with Mr. Lif in 2002 at the Sorry State of The Union protest on the Mall - while Devil Boy Bush started to whip up the sheeple into backing the wars. That freezing night of solidarity changed my life!

    Then, in 2003, Rob and Eric co-organized and performed at Operation Ceasefire concerts to protest the Iraq war. The Coup, Joan Baez, Cindy Sheehan, Le Tigre, etc... Pure fire!!

    Please come back to Athens soon Thieves. We need you!!!

  • ClampdownDC

    The toughest thing is facing yourself. Being honest with yourself, that's much tougher than beating someone up. That's what I call tough.

    Joe Strummer

  • Jeanne Tokin

    I just don't really get the purpose of this article( if you can call it that)
    Why are you so negative? Did you try to sleep with the Don and he turned you down or something!? It seems like it comes from a really bitter place, nit a music review at all.

    Good luck with your career.