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Red Weasel Lasted Long Enough to Inspire a Documentary

Raise your hand if you saw Red Weasel during the grunge years. Yeah, not too many of you did, but the not-quite-punk/not-quite-metal Eastern Shore band (Salisbury, Md., to be exact) apparently did play 'round D.C. back then. Like so many regional acts that formed on the long-haired, Butthole-y cusp of alt-rock's '90s breakout, Red Weasel didn't amount to anything commercially, but it had some good songs ("Napoleon Spinks," for starters) and left enough of an impression that some people still care about it two decades later. In fact, Media Boomtown, a Harrisburg, Pa., production company, says that it is "already done" with a documentary called Sweet Rock: The Red Weasel Story, but it needs a little dough to help offset production costs, the fees for film-festival entries, et cetera. So, yeah, it's got a Kickstarter project going. We're not sure how this doc might be different than the dozens of other "band ahead of its time" movies out there, but they're only looking for $5,000, so maybe they deserve the benefit of the doubt? There's a trailer, too:

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  • scott hedeen

    I was the gtrist in this band... and well, hell, we were loud and proud. Being from Ocean City, we were able to hit Minor Threat/Faith/Void/Rites of Spring shows... not to mention all the early sub pop/am rep/ post 86-sst shows that came thru DC. Remember when the 930 club was on F street?... or hell.. the NEW 930 was the WUST hall?.. or wait... even better. The Wilson Center.

    Red Weasel were the band you wish you saw in someone's back yard in 1988. To recreate the spirit of DC that only a few still remember...I know, I was there. Were you? No really?... were you?