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Download Nadastrom’s Free Scion A/V EP

The last time Scion A/V funded an EP by a band with D.C. roots—that'd be grindcore trio Magrudergrind—things got a little messy. I'm guessing EDM fans are a little bit more forgiving toward corporate sponsorship, so D.C. expats Nadastrom have nothing to worry about: The L.A. duo's new El Baile Diabluma EP will cause no riots.

Well, maybe some slow-motion riots. The producer team—which includes moombahton inventor Dave Nada—turns in four original moombahton tracks and a pair of remixes, exploring the microgenre's manic and spaced-out sides in more or less equal measure. On first listen, the most striking track is "Say My Name," which features another formerly D.C.-based DJ, Jen Lasher, and fellow moombahton pioneer Munchi. Wait for the middle portion—a soulful dubstep-style cool-down in which the percussion goes from throbbing to downright paranoid.

Since it's  Scion release, the download is free.

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