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Killa Cal Will Definitely Sell You Something

So here's this nice new video from DMV rapper Killa Cal, the dude known for freestyling in The WHAT? Band, and it's labeled as an "electronic press kit," which is basically a fancy way of saying "infomercial." So what's he selling? There's an album, right? Nah, not really. Maybe next year. Just lots of mixtapes for now. Is he going on tour or something like that? Nope. Just doing the regular go-gos. Has he got a new band? Nuh-uh. So what is it? At 6:15 he shows off his "Action Pack" condom brand. But he's not really pushing those. So what's up? Ah-ha! The money shot comes about 20 seconds after the rubbers, when he mentions his new company, "Rhymesolvers Unit," which operates in one of hip-hop's oldest sub-industries: ghostwriting. He breaks down his career plan this way: "As far as the songwriting, I feel like you can do that 'til you’re 50. ... You can be 50, 60 years old, if you’re good with your pen and your paper, you can make some money." Of course, if somebody with a giant ego (i.e. the average rapper) is paying you to put words in his mouth, the omertà is as important as the marketability of the raps. As Cal says in another video, "we specialize in confidentiality."

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  • bryan

    killa cal def doin big things in rap and gogo...... best rapper in gogo hands down

  • Ajani Truth

    Tight EPK! One of my favorite DMV rappers. Super confident and his flow and lyrics make sense. Nothing over the top so it seems real.

  • Geneva Gee-Gee

    Killa Cal is definitely the best rapper in Go Go no question I see great things in his future!!!

  • jakell


  • Cheromie

    Killa Cal is an incredible talent...his work speaks for its self as well it sells it self. To be as humble as he is, is rare especially with all the great things he is doing and will do. This article has been a long time coming. Again good job Killa!

  • NotaPoolShark

    Killa Cal, My man! Keep on keeping on and making it happen!!! Love Is......

  • WHAT? Mama nikki

    My man Killa Cal.... U r the best at everything u do....I love u so much keep doom what u do!!!!!! That's shit cray!

  • http://fenwickproductionthump GoGo Legend

    This is a great article. I've been following Killa Cal since he has been on the scene out of college. (Hampton U) This article really makes me feel good to see that the spotlight hits someone who is deserving of it. Hard work and Humbleness goes far. Killa Cal has a great future ahead of him. I wish him the best and I feel comfortable saying his impact on gogo will be legendary. Congrats young man. and good article joe.

  • WHAT? Mama nikki

    I meant DOING I am just that excited mispelling words

  • Lamborghini Black Partyboizz

    THE PEOPLES CHAMP!!! Killa Cal is really doin' numbers and the reason being because he works harder than anybody I've come in contact with, he does it for "The People" and is the most humblest person in the world. Some people let fame change them not this guy he's very approachable and i respect Killa Cal greatly. Continued Success homie!!! #Partyboizz

  • Southsidefatz

    Dmv is steadily moving up and it's a good look. We have to support our own before expect the next person to do it. I appreciate ppl like Joe Warminsky for recognizing this and putting together these types of articles. Dmv, lets rise together. Keep grinding Killa

    Southside Fatz

  • Shorter

    GoGo Music has produced alot of talent in the hip hop industry over the years. i would put my money on Killa Cal, he can is right there wit all of them. He has all the tools to go nationwide with the rapping or ghostwriting. If this was another city, he would had been made it. His resume is crazy. 3 mixtapes this year, and another on the way. thats hustle. Killa Cal you have arrived, DC got ya back. GoGo got ya back.

  • Mz.Jai

    Killa Cal mos def gets the job done! Originality and talent is something he posesses and its a great thing to see being recognized!!!

  • Leo

    great read. one of the most talented to grace a gogo stage. and a exceptional lyricist. name another rapper out of the gogo genre with these type of credentials. his talents go beyond the beltway. one of the only rappers that can be sucessful on any circuit of gogo. he has proven it. Cal is at the top of his game right now

  • Roy

    Im a true fan. I got Kill Bill vol.1, Reality check, D.A.M.N, Check Out Da Kid, all the What Band Cd's. Top 5 gogo rapper EVER. yea I said it. good luck Killa, waiting for The Kill Switch Mixtape to drop

  • Bobbie

    Good dude doing good things

  • Neka Ray

    Anyone whos knows Killa Cal & those that dont ALL feel the same way about him. Its hard not to have love & respect for a guy that gives over 110% into a craft & still strives harder to top themselves all the while remaining humble & showing love back! His time is NOW!

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  • Kimberly Allen

    So proud of Killa Cal...known to me as Calvin I knew him before the spotlight...always been a humble and great guy. Keep inspiring other writers and folks in the music industry around the DMV. I support and promote you always! Bulldog for Sowing Seeds now...reaping the harvest lata..let's go!

  • scott la rock

    Ive had the pleasure of working with killa cal for a number of years. I salute the homie for all the remarkable work he has put in. DMV's Birdman...stamp! Congrats Killa.....

  • http://@YaManSupaDan Supa Dan

    Call him 'MR. Feature'.... Hope ya'll copped that Plaza 23 2 year anniversary CD featuring Suttle Thoughts. Killa Cal once again did his thang. Hit me if you need a copy.. @YaManSupaDan