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Where Am I Rocking? The D.C. Rock Venue Decision Tree!

It’s a confusing time to be a D.C. concert-goer. The Fillmore Silver Spring has invaded the established order. DIY spaces flicker and fade like so many lightning bugs. Perhaps you’ve had one too many drinks. If you find yourself at a rock concert and you can’t remember where exactly you are, this might help.

Illustration by Brooke Hatfield

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  • Dude

    No Velvet Lounge? Big omission dude.

  • Lisa

    This is amazing, and you are amazing for creating it. Off the top of my head, a couple possible additions:
    1. Include Petworth/Brightwood in the house show/potluck location? Loads there too.
    2. I think that Wonderland has got to be here too, under something like "Someone just poured terrible beer on you and then broke the bottle on your head, and no one noticed or cared except for someone who took your photo with their phone then passed out." Yes? You are at Wonderland.

    And people say the nightlife here isn't interesting...

  • PTRQ

    this seems to make the assumption people dance at shows at DC9 or Rock 'n' Roll Hotel- the kings of bad vibes, terrible crowds, and just general policies to disrespect bands and patrons (door polling, for example). Well, I may be dancing, but other people would be looking at me like I'm crazy (which I kind of am, so it's OK)

    Also, I would never eat a cupcake at 9:30, but that's just part my personal war on cupcakes, as they represent an inferior version of cake/nostalgia/embrace of the infantilization of adults, 3 things I hate

  • TD40

    Ha ha... More subtle digs at Fillmore this week, eh? Looks like those predictions by Mr. Hurwitz are kind of coming undone... that is, it looks like Fillmore is starting to fill up it's calendar with non-soccer mom bands (Asking Alexandria, Devil Wears Prada, Anthrax, Ziggy Marley) that 9:30 might've ordinarily booked.

    I honestly don't think that CP's cover story from a couple weeks ago, along with this chart proclaiming Fillmore goers can relieve their babysitter by 10 pm, are going to serve to protect their old friends (Seth, Dante, etc.)-along with the veiled (or unveiled) references to the Fillmore being out in the sticks- never mind that it's a 15 minute drive from downtown. Hey, people drive to bumfuck Columbia to see bands they like at MPP- Go figure. Or that the existence of the Fillmore will automatically translate into higher ticket prices for everyone everywhere (never mind that a 12 oz plastic cup of Yeungling @ 9:30 cost far more than a 6-pack of it does in the store...)

    Can't we all just get along and realize that variety of venues is something people want?

  • Ahmad

    TD40 is a Live Nation rep.

    Pat is missing out on some killer cupcakes.