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How DJ Stereo Faith Became Bros With Peter Hook

If you've seen DJ Stereo Faith spin, you know he's a straightforward party starter who keeps it cool no matter where he's spinning. But when he opened last Friday for Peter Hook and the Light—the latest project from the former Joy Division and New Order bassist—he got uncharacteristically nervous, he says. No wonder: "Joy Division's my all-time-favorite band," writes Stereo Faith, aka Steve McPherson.

At the show, Stereo Faith's DJ set was heavy on post-punk, including many of Joy Division's early-'80s peers. (You can listen to the set on Soundcloud.) The devotion did not go unappreciated.

"When it was all said and done, I tried to sneak out of the club without talking to the bass player of what I consider to be the best band ever," writes Stereo Faith. Hook grabbed Stereo Faith before he could make a quiet exit. According to Stereo Faith, the conversation went like this:

Peter: You were the DJ right?
Me: Yeah.
Peter: That was great!
Me: Thanks.
Peter: I'm sitting here with the band and I go "This is great!"
Me: Cool.
Peter: You also played a Revenge song. F**king excellent man! I heard it and was all like "I know this song." Then I realized "I f**king wrote it!"
Me: Ha! I know, bro. (Yes, I bro'd him. Ask anyone who was standing there.)

Then he signed "Keep the Faith" for me on a piece of paper and I got the hell out of there.

Stereo Faith Live at 930 Club 9-21-2011 by djstereofaith

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  • Monkedelic

    I linked to this article via Facebook... thanks for posting it. I'm way out of the loop as far as knowing what former members of Joy Division/New Order are up to these days. (or what former members of most any band of that era are doing now for that matter). Peter Hook and The Light, you say. Well, I'm off to look into that right now- I'm excited to hear something new from one of my all time favorite bass players. I'll give the DJ Stereo Faith set a listen, too. Cheers.

  • Monkedelic

    Just looked into Peter Hook & The Light. I guess I assumed that it was an original new project kicking out some brand new music, but apparently that's not the case. I wish it was.

  • ron


  • Racecar

    I had a great time at the show in NYC. The set list was amazing and they sounded great live, my favorites were Isolation, Heart & soul and Decades, and Atmosphere. After the show I was Lucky enough to go backstage and meet Peter Hook and took some pictures and got some autographs.

    Here is the pic of the Venue

    Here is a pic of the setlist.

    Here is Hook signing some autographs for me.

    This is a little souvineer that I bought for myself at the show for $20, which is not bad at all, usually they are $30

    Sorry that I could not take any pictures during the show, because my camera sucks in the dark.