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Hardcore DIY Venue Gets the Boot

Ilsa sludges out at the Corpse Fortress at a July 25 show.

For at least the second time this month, an area do-it-yourself music venue has received its walking papers. The residents and operators of the Corpse Fortress, a house that specializes in punk and hardcore shows, recently announced they have been kicked out of their Silver Spring habitat. A note on the house's Facebook page explains that Montgomery County condemned the building after "five years of DIY shows, parties, pills, good pot, shitty beer, dirt cheap rent, freezing winters, sexy summers, filth, and chaotic debauchery in all of its forms."

In a letter to the blog Day After Day, a resident of the Corpse Fortress said that while the news is upsetting, "it was not unforeseen." The Corpse Fortress house was repeatedly referred to as an eyesore, the letter continues, "and some people have nothing better to do than complain to the state about the fact that their neighbors’ property offends their aesthetic sensibilities."

Good neighborly manners or not, Corpse Fortress will be leaving its digs on Philadelphia Avenue, though its residents are resisting calls by some of their friends to throw a destructive party on the way out. But the eight inhabitants won't be leaving quietly. In the Facebook note, Brendan Griffiths of the metal band Ilsa announced a closing show tentatively scheduled for Sept. 24.

Sustaining a DIY venue can be tough, and not just when it comes to keeping the neighbors happy. Earlier this month, the indie-focused venue Gold Leaf Studios (also commonly known as Red Door) learned its building at 443 I Street NW will be razed next year to make way for a new development by Equity Residential.

Photo by Flickr user MetalChris, licensed as Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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    Damn, that's too bad. Corpse Fortress will always have a place in my heart as the place where I got my first-ever bloody nose (and second-ever broken nose) at a characteristically wild Coits show.

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    Some of those Coits shows were some of the wildest I have ever seen. I will forever remember them and the Corpse Fortress, too.

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    lol @ people pretending to be me ^_^


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    Best venue in DC. Everything the Hotel is not. Quality.

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    Oh yeah - considering Ilsa and Brendan are on top this whole thing, it should be mentioned that the Corpse Fortress is/was a prime location for lots and lots of heavy metal happening in the DC area - shows no one else would put up in the city proper

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    We out lasted hole in the sky and never asked anyone to part our rent for us, just sayin'. Corpse fortress forever!

  8. #8

    Coits live at Corpse Fortress FTW:

  9. #9

    Come see the COITS on Saturday at CF.


  10. #10

    ^ A Taste (dessert) of the DC Coits

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