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Windian Reissues the Penetrators

Purveyors of only the garage-iest of garage rock, Windian Records released two new singles this week. The first is actually a reissue of a classic track by Syracuse rockers The Penetratorswhom both Ian MacKaye and Jem Cohen claim to have seen play at Fort Reno in the late '70s. The A-side, "Gotta Have Her," originally released in 1976, is a gem from a bygone era of earnest, grimy  guitar pop, rife with teenage yearning and partly spoken verses. Something about the song's particularly salacious-sounding backup vocals gives the track an unexpected edge. Windian also dropped a new song by contemporary German party punks Mondo Ray, called"Hypnotized." It's the kind of lo-fi rock we've come to expect from the local label, which has clearly found traction its peculiar niche. Listen to both tracks below.

The Penetrators – Gotta Have Her

Mondo Ray – Hypnotized

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  • PTRQ

    Hey Ryan - The Penetrators are from Syracuse, not San Diego. It even says it right there on the sleeve of the record. Come on, give the salt city the credit it deserves.

  • Jonathan L. Fischer

    Fixed! Thanks Pat.

  • Ryan Little

    My apologies. Ian and Jem just recently told me about seeing the San Diego punk band The Penetrators, which came later than the Syracuse rockers The Penetrators. Two different bands. Sorry for the confusion!

  • Ally Schweitzer

    Okay, I'm pretty sure there's a San Diego Penetrators, too.

    But for years I've been thinking the San Diego Penetrators were the same people behind the very awesome "Shopping Bag."

  • Ally Schweitzer

    Thank you for clearing that up, Ryan. I was lost and now I'm found.

  • SteveKiviat

    There was a DC Penetrators whom Ian Mackaye likely saw. Their drummer Tommy Carr was later in Black Market Baby. One band member later formed a group called the New Standard. Below quote is from the New Standard link:

    "In the spring of 1978 The Penetrators (guitarists George Dively and Scott Logan, drummer Tommy Carr and Mike Crosson on bass) exploded on the DC scene and - along with a handful of other young, raw bands.
    In 2 brief years the Penetrators helped put DC on the global punk map (opening for bands like The Cramps and Stooges guitarist Ronnie Ashton's Destroy All Monsters) and before anyone caught up with them, disintegrated. Fortunately, their part in the burgeoning music scene was noticed: kilt-clad future Dischord Records co-founder Ian MacKaye (FUGAZI) witnessed the on-stage implosion and took home part of a smashed guitar, a souvenir of their final night..."