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Well Those Went Fast: Virgin Fest Pre-Sale Tickets Disappear in 10 Minutes

If you'd been looking forward to seeing Patti Smith, Deadmau5, or any of the other acts playing this year's Virgin Mobile FreeFest, there's a chance you suffered some disappointment this morning. A pre-sale giveaway—offering up free tickets to Virgin Mobile users and attendees of previous festivals—sold out in about 10 minutes. Apparently some people had trouble with Ticketfly, the website handling the sale, and this gave rise to more than a few grumblings from the masses:

Not everyone, however, had so much trouble:

Audrey Schaefer, a spokesperson for I.M.P., the festival's promoter, insists that no technical problems unfairly prevented anyone from getting tickets today. After all, this was a giveaway for a huge number of select insiders, who not shockingly jumped at the chance to attend a high-profile music festival as fast as possible.

"It went without a glitch," says Schaefer, who mentioned that she reserved tickets herself this morning without any issues.

Not all hope is lost: Tickets will become available to the general public tomorrow at 10 a.m. Don't think it'll be a walk in the park to secure one, though: Thousands of people still crave these tickets, which will probably disappear quickly. Look at the 141,000 people who have liked Virgin Mobile Live on Facebook—about 50,000 more than three days ago, according to Schaefer.

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  • Steve

    Hey Matt, one of the reasons that people could not get tickets both yesterday AND today was that if you use HTTPS (secure) to log into Facebook, it would NOT allow you to get tickets! A lot of my friends (myself included) use https, and a friend of mine confirmed that when he switched over to http, it worked but by then it was too late. Neither Virgin nor Ticketfly ever mentioned this.

  • Jayne Wallace

    As we've done in the past, watch for information about additional ways to garner tickets to FreeFest...