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The Evens to Play Fort Reno

There's no shortage of news from the land of Ian MacKaye today. As if to remind us all that the band members indirectly responsible for Wugazi's recent success still in fact make original music, The Evens were just officially added to the Fort Reno schedule. The acoustic art punks haven't brought their musical partnership into the public eye since last summer, so be sure to get your picnic basket ready for Thursday, August 4 if you want to catch The Evens any time soon. Laughing Man is set to open.

Also, for those of you who were bummed about Title Tracks getting rained out this week, fear not—they have been added to the Monday, July 25 show with J.Robbins' excellent Office of Future Plans and The Akoma Drummers.

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  • amanda

    not to be persnickety...but there will be a couple shows after 8/4. the dates are just being held in case anyone else gets rained out. thanks for the coverage ryan and WCP...amanda

  • Ryan Little

    Fixed, thanks!