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Benoit & Sergio Should Just Be Pop Stars

While versions have been bopping around the Internet for a while now, kinda-local duo Benoit & Sergio officially released a couple of strong new tracks on DFA this week, "Principles" and "Everybody." The new material confirms that the pair, despite living on different continents, has gradually crafted a signature sound: non-bombastic, pop-driven deep house set off with refreshingly unskilled vocals.

Now I'm wondering: When are these dudes just going to become a pop group?

They've already mastered the suits and the Bryan Ferry hair. Silly song titles and superficial lyrics—well, they've proven that they're kings of that domain (see Exhibit A: Where the Freaks Have No Name EP and Exhibit B: the lyrics to "Full Grown Man" and "Boy Trouble"). They can competently produce tech-house. They had their super-deep anthem. Within only a couple years, they've worked with some very trend-fluential labels—Ghostly's Spectral Sound, Bruno Pronsato's The Songsays, DFA—and they baptized still-new European label Visionquest. What else is there left to do in dance music? Start a label? Curate a festival? Team up with inferior artists on a series of high-profile remixes?

No. It's simple: Go Full-On Furtado. Forget what you came here to do, and reinvent yourselves as sexy pop stars.

Listen to "Principles" and "Everybody" on Soundcloud.

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