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Photos: Yuck and Tame Impala @ Black Cat

At South by Southwest this year, the band Yuck's big, shoegaze-y sound had a lot of folks buzzing it being the next big thing. "Georgia," off Yuck's self-titled debut, runs a super-catchy pop melody across shredding and distorted guitars. Sadly, the band's opening slot Friday at the Black Cat showed "Georgia" is the lone standout. Redundant melodies on top of distorted guitars seemed to rule. But they're a young band, so here's hoping Yuck can turn the potential shown on "Georgia" into something consistent.

As for headliner Tame Impala, I found myself pondering if their set list was just one song, given how it all seemed to sound the same. The band is obviously  competent, but boring jam-band rock is still boring jam-band rock, even with an indie-rock face and more guitar pedals and recorded loops than Dave Matthews or Phish.


Tame Impala

(More photos from both sets can be found here.)

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  • Gilby

    Tame Impala is the most brilliant young band to come down the pike in some time. Sorry you didn't like the show.

  • Eric

    Amazingly wrongheaded take on Tame Impala, who make what is easily the best music I've heard in the last 2 or 3 years.

  • Chris Spehr

    I feel like I am reading 1970s reviews. Why go see Yes live when you can sit in your living room and see them there. Led Zeppelin is a studio band so why see what can't be replecated live. Peter Gabriel uses too many tape loops for me to concider it real live music. What Hoggwash!