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HFStival Is Back, Again, for Some Reason

Don't know how I missed this—actually, I know exactly how I missed this—but the HFStival is back. Again. Back when alt-rock station WHFS was still on the air, it hosted an annual concert that became increasingly commercial and unlistenable as the station did roughly the same. The station went off the air in 2005 (it still exists at 94.7 HD2), and the festival continued for two more summers. The HFStival returned last year with a nostalgia-minded bill that included Third Eye Blind, Everclear, and other relics from the dustbin of the 1990s. Perhaps that choice made sense.The organizer of the revived festival, CBS Radio's Sam Rogers, told me that the audience was "people who remember WHFS." Fair enough.

Looks like that strategy didn't pan out, and this year's HFStival—Sept. 17 at Merriweather Post Pavillion—is going a bit of a different way. The bill includes bluegrassy alt-country outfit The Avett Brothers, celtic punkers Flogging Molly, folk-rock bros Dr. Dog, '90s survivors The Gin Blossoms, and more, all of which is below. Sigh. Just let this brand die.

Tickets are $35-$50, and there's a pre-sale this weekend. Deets here.

Main Stage

The Avett Brothers

Flogging Molly

Dr. Dog


Gin Blossoms

Minus the Bear

Diane Birch


Local Stage



The Five One

Justin Trawick

GroupFunkmnkyz (winner of the 2010 Battle to Break Out)

Middle Distance Runner

Lloyd Dobler Effect

Tennis System



Acoustic Tent

Roadhouse Clams

Harp & Eagle

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  • Sean

    weakest... line-up... ever.

  • Andy

    Huh, Harp & Eagle actually made it! If nothing else, there should be some Big O & Dukes fans there. And don't diss the Avett Brothers, they're just the sort of alt-group this festival needs.

  • eldis

    What a line-up. They should call this the Record and Tape Traders Used CD Bin Festival.

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  • PlethoraOfPinatas

    I hear those Harp & Eagle guys pick a mean banjo

  • mike

    you guys suck. the ticket price is justified by the avett brothers alone. they just sold out dar constitution hall in feb.
    gin blossoms - ok
    flogging molly - good
    clutch and dr dog - pretty different, but very good

    i'm glad everyone was underimpressed cause it helped me get great seats!!!

  • CarsGuitarsSushi

    Wow, nice to know that the smarmy, elitist, black t-shirt adorned, mom's basement-dwelling music Nazis still feel the need to make their 10-watt voices heard, a la the Simpson's Comic Book Guy.

    Hey Jonathan, you pathetic piece of unknown media trash-- please let everyone know who will be playing at City Paper Fest this year. Who? What? What's that? Yeah, exactly.

    Attend the show. Or don't. Nobody cares either way. But if you can't bring yourself to support the hard-working local bands who are performing this year (probably for free), why don't you just do the world a favor shut your lousy trap?

  • prognostication

    Dear CarsGuitarsSushi, do realize he's supporting your possibly-shitty band just by posting this at all, right?

  • Ryan

    I'm still pretty confused as to how Minus the Bear ended up on this bill.