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Radiohead’s Union Station Drop

While my colleague Benjamin R. Freed observed confused Radiohead fans over in Brightwood—where a crowd showed up based on false information on Radiohead's website—The Universal Sigh's drop at Union Station seemed to be a success. A small, confused crowd gathered around 12:45 p.m., unsure where the tabliods might appear, but at 1 p.m. Radiohead's newsies appeared on time near the Metro escalator. A few minutes into the delivery, the station's security forced the party to move elsewhere—apparently, they didn't have a permit for that particular location—but relocating just a few feet away didn't deter Radiohead's excited fans from picking up the band's oddball papers.

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  • Ryan E. Wynkoop

    The guys giving out the papers were from U Street Music Hall. They said extra copies would be left there later today, and at record stores in the District as well.

    Get 'em while you still can!