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The Cutters: D.C. Needs This More Than Houston

The Cutters release debut album, ram knife through D.C.'s heart.

D.C. punk band The Points defiled serious punk rock in the nation's capital. Frontman Geo (George White) spat beer on his audience. He wrote hooky songs about girls, and how they suck. Following years of Dischord rock music built on questioning the rules—about society, social strata, and sincere things like that—The Points declared a ban on the rules of punk rock.  (Quite directly, in the song "Rock n Roll, No Rules.")

Now, White has a new band based in Houston, Texas, where punk doesn't really need his help. Nevertheless, White, who still lives in D.C., should be commended for his message control. On their new eight-song release on Sinkhole Texas, The Cutters—White's fivesome including members of Talk Sick Brats, Cop Warmth, and others—stick to the basics: chicks, shit that sucks, drugs, and apathy.  It's an ass-kicking debut, and available, naturally, through Dischord distro.

DOWNLOAD: The Cutters – "Make It Up to You"

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  • mufin

    of course girls suck. suck dick. it's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it.

    way to go cutters!

  • buttsucker

    Man, I remember when THE POINTS used to play this song

  • Scarymonsta

    Geo writes awesome songs. Hes like a jay reatard.

  • Turd Vendor

    Maybe Fredericksburg needs them more. Thats where theyre actually from. Check out Poseur Bill's Chainsaw Dance Party.

  • ihateeverything

    Why isnt geo doing this for a living

  • DChipster

    nearly all these songs were points songs...