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DMV Rap Attack: Fat Trel x Waka Flocka – Shirts

Fat Trel

June Summers f/ Waka Flocka Flame & Fat Trel – "Shooter"

WCP's favorite shirtless local gangsta rapper and WCP's favorite shirtless national gangsta rapper have finally made a record. It's not a life-changing record, but a solid display of utilitarian goon-hop with Waka revisiting his "stepchild of hip-hop" motif while Trel makes some seemingly R. Kelly-inspired threats. Hopefully this is a harbringer of future collabs between the two and not merely a Pro Tools experiment that was pasted together by June Summers, the R&B singer who is nearly unnoticeable on his own record. Summers is fully shirted on the single's teaser art. (Via DC Mumbo Sauce)

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  • BpZy

    yo who IS this clown, Andrew Noz talkin reckless in cyberspace on a review?!
    focus on the music homie instead of who's wearin a SHIRT!!
    in the words of the G-Unit Bo$$ 50-cent,
    "I should black ya eye u SUCKA, u PUNK!!"
    June Summers "Hookman 4 Hire" mixtape coming soon on a REAL music blog site!!

  • June Summers

    Never heard of no Andrew Noz or this site....... I love haters tho!!! People like this keep me #Focused!!!!!!!!!!! HOOKMAN FOR HIRE! Im almost famous, you almost broke NIGGA! SHOUTS OUT TO DC! I fux wit u, its luv like always!! Summers........

  • June Summers

    Shouts out to my niggaz Fat Trel and LeX Lugar for helping me bring this monster to life!!!!! Real niggaz do real things!!!! Good work my G'z!

  • Andrew Noz

    ^ this bamma...

  • Leftythemanager

    if he was breaking in your house you wouldnt be talkung shit. THESE RAPPERS TAKE THEIR CRAFT VERY SERIOUS: SO NO UNTHOUGHT-OUT UN-SUBSTANIATE