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New Hume Single: “Inverse Fireworks”

After dropping one of our favorite LPs of 2010, Hume wastes no time in starting the new year off right. Their new single, aptly dubbed "Inverse Fireworks," is a colorful, psychedelic exploration. Where other recent psych-happy rockers, like the much-blogged Tame Impala, go for a totally vintage vibe, Hume picks up the trippy elements of classics like "Eight Miles High" and infuses it with the energy of post-punk. The warm, spaced-out guitars are there, but the timing shifts are always unexpected. There's an element of surprise and tightly wound rhythmic subversion to offset the transcendental murkiness. In the song's mid-section, the playful interaction between the bass and drums takes the forefront momentarily before singer Britton Powell takes the vocals down a notch, only to prepare for a cathartic and complex ending.

WATCH: Hume – "Inverse Fireworks"

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