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The Sleigher: Viv Albertine’s “Home Sweet Home (At Christmas)”

Ho Ho Who: The former guitarist of defunct punk legends The Slits, Viv Albertine, recently started strutting her solo stuff via Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace! label. She's lately been performing a track titled "Confessions of a MILF" about the expectations heaped on suburban mothers, and she gave it the ole seasonal tweak for a free online release.

THE SHORT VISIT HOME: Like its musical predecessor, the song builds slowly with talk of domestic responsibilities and pressures—until the discussion of cooking and cleaning becomes increasingly panicked, resulting in a homemaking fail. Manic, ominous music grows underneath until it all culminates with a claustrophobic climax about hating home.

THE LOOOOOONG VISIT HOME: The ex post facto addition of "at Christmas!"— inserted after every utterance of "home sweet home"—feels both gratingly cheerful and awkwardly forced (though catchy!). As the track turns dour, the chipper exclamation makes for an all-the-more-creeptastic finale, but it doesn't exactly leave the Sleigher feeling cheered.

CHEER FACTOR: 4/10. While it may speak to your deep-seated holiday and/or general suburban frustrations in heavy and even potentially valuable ways, it may also just freak you out.


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