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Watch a New Mynabirds Video, Hear a New Mynabirds Christmas Song, Get Amped for THE SLEIGHER

Laura Burhenn doesn't need no stinkin' presents this Christmas. She says as much in her new song, "All I Want Is Truth (for Christmas)," which is out in 7-inch form today on Saddle Creek. But! You can download the song free, HOWEVER IT WILL DESTROY ALL OF YOUR YULETIDE ILLUSIONS, USING, I THINK, PEDAL STEEL. Look, it's not like you needed your childhood, anyway. (The b-side is a cover of The Zombies' "This Will Be Our Year.")

Undoubtedly I will analyze this with gusto next month when we relaunch Washington City Paper's annual holiday mp3-reviewing series, THE SLEIGHER. For now, grab the mp3 here, or via the handy widget below:

Also! Burhenn (formerly of Georgie James!) and her Mynabirds have this new video, for "What We Gained In the Fire," from their recent, quite good album.

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