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Sockets Records’ Fall Mix 2010: Collage Pop for All

Local label Sockets Records has been a D.C. fixture for more than half a decade now, but 2010 has been a banner year: A handful of strong releases, a live showcase last January, a pretty awesome zine. And yesterday, its latest seasonal mix.

It draws from the label's regular roster as well as other locals, from True Womanhood to Hume to Les Rhinocéros to Macaw. Starting with a slow-burning, lo-fi folk ballad from Laughing Man and ending with a banger from The Cornel West Theory, the mix features nine tracks that pretty accurately displaythe wide stylistic range of the label: angular guitar pop to Afro-influenced backbeats to lush soundscapes of synths and drum machines. Check it out, for free, at Sockets' site.

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