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Live Music Returns, Briefly, to the Surf Club Tonight

Cypress Trio

In July 2009, the Surf Club, a Hyattsville roadhouse that had been presenting live roots-rock, blues, and zydeco, transformed into a neighborhood bar catering to the area’s Spanish-speaking population—but with no live music. More than year later, on August 26, the club suddenly featured a D.C. Blues Society-sponsored gig with Louisiana bluesman Kenny Neal. Tonight, live music returns again with Silver Spring Cajun band Cypress Trio (pictured). Is the club now returning to its live-music roots?

Surf Club owner James Byrum says no. “The DC Blues Society wanted to host a show on a Thursday night, and I tried a few other shows after that," he writes. Tonight's show is the last he has scheduled at the moment. "I have a great relationship with the DC Blues Society, and if they wanted to host a show in the future, I would do all I could to accommodate them. However, developing great relationships with local patrons is the only way a restaurant/bar can survive.”

Cypress Trio performs at 8 p.m. tonight, Thursday October 7, at the Surf Club, 4711 Kenilworth Ave., Hyattsville, MD (301) 927-6310

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