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Arts Roundup: FreeFest Recovery Edition

Good morning! Still recovering from FreeFest? I am! The reviews are starting to pour in: Here's Click Track's. Here are some thoughts from TBD, although the roundup piece by Andrew Beaujon is also a review of, um, me. (Thanks for the kind words!) Here on Arts Desk, we'll have some more coverage today, including tons of shots from Erica Bruce and some video.

BTW: Does the headline of the (otherwise great) WaPo review contain an error, or is "LDC Soundgarden" a joke that went over my head?


Other arts stuff from the Post you should read: Anne Midgette's mixed review of the National Symphony Orchestra opening gala, which was maestro Christoph Eschenbach's debut as music director; Celia Wren's take on the Washington Shakespeare Company's evening of Hamlet and Much Ado about Nothing passages performed in Klingon; the paper's impressive package on Arena Stage's new Mead Center for American Theater, which I've only begun to skim but will dig into later today.

TMOTTGoGo points to a Japanese band covering Chuck Brown:

I had a great time yesterday at Fiesta D.C., although I erroneously decided it was Mount Pleasant Festival and went on to interpret its performers through an indie-rock lens. Then I hit up the D.C. Record Fair at U Street Music Hall and caught DJ sets by John Davis and Tennis System's Matty Taylor. For sure, the venue was busy—you had to wait to browse bins, often—though not nearly as packed as February's fair. I'll have to ask organizers about the total numbers, but by my count, the set-up was capable of accommodating the browsing of around 170 record nerds at a time. These people oughta start a PAC, and make our leaders accountable to the vinyl vote.

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  • wes

    will you be uploading the free fest photos soon?