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Yr Local Indie-Rock News: Mary Timony’s Wild Flag Signs to Merge, Fan Death Posts Fall Mix

Two quick hits:

- Pitchfork reports: D.C.'s Mary Timony, of Helium and solo work and lately Soft Power, has a new band called Wild Flag, which is now signed to Merge, and which has some West Coast dates coming up. Also in the group: Sleater-Kinney's Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss, and The Minders' Rebecca Cole. I'll shelve my usual skepticism of indie-rock supergroups—on paper this looks awesome.

- Baltimore's (formerly College Park's) Maryland label Fan Death Records has a new mixtape up, which includes a song by D.C.'s Screen Vinyl Image that I'm on record loving, "New Visions." The band—whose sonic vocabulary has made leaps beyond its early J+MC fixation—plays at the Black Cat on Sept. 30.

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  • the_more_u_know

    fan death records is not a baltimore label.

  • Jonathan L. Fischer

    @the_more_u_know: We're both wrong. I e-mailed the label. Chris Berry says: "I live in Baltimore and Sean lives in College Park. We don't particularly care where people say we're from. You could say we're Maryland-based if you want a compromise."

    That'll work!