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Proof That Rick Ross Knows He’s Full of Shit?

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Rick Ross' single "Blowin' Money Fast" is emphatic but tiresome. It also seems inescapable on WKYS and WPGC. After numerous captive listens in the car, I am qualified to analyze it and identify its most serious flaw.

"I think I'm Big Meech, Larry Hoover," Ross hollers at the chorus, referring to the Black Mafia Family co-founder and the alleged head of the Gangster Disciples. For sure, questioning Ross's authenticity is an ages-old sport, but "Blowin' Money Fast" offers a small-but-important clue about how Ross really views himself: The rapper says that he thinks he is those guys. He doesn't proclaim that he is like them, nor does he say that he thinks he is like them. He is, therefore, admitting backhandedly that he is absolutely delusional (and thus, perhaps, nothing like Big Meech or Larry Hoover). The honesty is shocking.

CAVEAT: Of course, it is possible that Ross is slyly making fun of himself and/or other blowhards who align themselves with the legacies of big-time gangsters. Nah, forget it, we're talking about Rick Ross here.

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  • infamous

    Dat man gettin money, like him or not... focus on ur own W-2 fuk boi!

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  • saney

    it doesnt matter if he makes money or not hes a total fraud and id never buy his album or listen to his dumbass songs hes a big fat phony he could at least rap about bein a c.o instead of rappin about the kind of ppl hes locked up all his life it just makes no god damn sense