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The Red Palace Is Almost Ready

If you wanted to see Xiu Xiu, Rocky Votolato, or Marnie Stern, you'd head to DC9 or the Black Cat, right?

Not this fall. With the merger of the Red and the Black and the Palace of Wonders into the very literally named Red Palace, fans of midsized indie bands will have yet another venue to choose from. The space is expected to hold around 200 people.

Show listings will be temporarily posted on until the Red Palace's website is built (some shows at the new venue were announced via the Red and the Black's Twitter account yesterday). Advance tickets, never a possibility at the Red and the Black, are available for Red Palace shows. The venue has also lowered its entry age: 18-year-olds can now indulge in this aspect of Atlas District nightlife.

Performances for both venues will go dark from Sept. 25 to Oct. 14 while the Red Palace is under construction. But, if you're OK with a beer sans burlesque show, you're in luck. Steve Lambert, who books shows for the Red and the Black and Rock & Roll Hotel says that "either side will never close at all. Bars will be still be fully opened downstairs on either side. Both sides will definitely be open every day, just as usual. There just won't be any shows while we build out the upstairs."

The Red Palace's "unofficial soft grand opening" is set for Oct. 15 with My Dear Disco. If you can't wait that long for some new local venue excitement, the new rooftop deck of DC9, another Lambert-booked venue, will finally open at 5 p.m. today.

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  • Red Raven

    I want my sideshow fix! You've seen a few burlesque acts, you've seen, well, most of ', somebody hammering a nail into their nose, or sticking a 3-foot sword down their gullet, or flinging flaming balls of fire around, or aerial stunts, will always get my attention. Not to mention my money.

  • Anonymous Palace Patron


    I don't want just another Black Cat/DC9/Rock and Roll Hotel.

    I have continually voted with my wallet to support the unique atmosphere and acts featured at the Palace Of Wonders.

    I want both the atmosphere and acts to continue and am concerned that they will not.

    Where else could you see a someone walking across and even jumping up and down upon broken glass?

    Where else could you see a death defying knife throwing act (yes, Actual knives! Actual assistant-in-danger!)?

    Where else could you see someone not only eating fire, but breathing a fireball out over the heads of the audience?

    Where else could you see someone spinning a hula hoop in ways that you would not have thought possible?

    Where else could you see insane and dangerous feats of juggling various flaming and/or sharp pointy things?

    Where else, indeed?