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The Pragmatist: Three Songs For Rebounding

Times are tough. Money's short, your boss asked you to stay late with no overtime yet again, and your girlfriend is still pissed about that Eat, Pray, Love joke you made over dinner. You're a mess, and you're not quite sure how you got here. Dwelling on the past won't fix a thing; what you need is a comeback.

Employing its signature disjointed-pop weirdness, Menomena kicks off Friend and Foe with a track about getting up and moving on. "Muscle 'n Flow" is all about picking up your hustle, looking at yourself in the mirror without flinching, and not being, you know, super bummed out. The line "I'm not young, but I'm not through" pretty much seals the deal on this one.

Before The Green Album fell short of so many expectations, and long before the pseudo-irony of "Beverly Hills" sunk its unfortunate hooks into our collective consciousness, Rivers Cuomo wrote some damn fine tunes. The second single off Weezer's highly confessional Pinkerton may be just the power-pop anthem you need to get out of your grease-stained sweat pants and pull yourself together. Turn up the fuzzy bombast of "The Good Life" and get back to it yourself.

After the too-early demise of Georgie James, John Davis wasted no time in making a comeback of his own. Along with a few other ex-GJ members, he founded Title Tracks and continued pumping out the garage-pop jams. With the up-tempo, Kinks-loving "Steady Love" blasting on your stereo, go ahead and move past those awkward moments of self-doubt. Clean yourself up and head over to Comet Ping Pong this Friday to see Title Tracks perform with The Paul Collins Beat and Black Telephone.

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  • Steve

    This guy is one of my favorite writers. Looking forward to the column.

  • Gene

    Nice try.

    Look around.


    No one cares.

  • Bee

    Pinkerton = happiness

  • Steve

    Gene blows. Quit trolling and go play some music. IF you actually do.

  • Gene

    Steve like the taste of Ryan, I see. He's his #1 groupie! sweet.....

    Mebbe you two should get a room?

  • Guido

    Aren't about 1/3 of good songs about picking yourself back up and getting back in the game?

    Seems a theme with pretty good mass appeal to me.

    Like that Weezer tune!


  • Steve

    If Ryan gets a #1 hater, he deserves a #1 supporter.

  • Steve

    AND...and #1 Cockhound, like me!

  • Sandil

    I'll be Ryan's #1 supporter.