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Download: Aaron Thompson’s “Solitude”


Too bad no one nominated D.C.'s Aaron Thompson to open for Phosphorescent at the Black Cat tonight. Thompson, who's also comfortable recording star-kissed incidental music, writes elegant pop songs that draw from the American folk vernacular but have a healthy sense of atmosphere. So does Phosphorescent's Matthew Houck, only lately, his tunes have upped the country and dialed down the feedback and the whirls and whizzes. They're also spacious to a fault, where Thompson's melodies are more pronounced. Still, on "Solitude," Thompson finds room for some nice digressions, like an instrumental break built around a bubbly Rhodes Wurlitzer whose joyfulness offsets the song's kicker: "A life without some pain, well it doesn't mean a thing."

"Solitude" will be on Thompson's upcoming full-length, out this fall on Sockets Records.

DOWNLOAD: Aaron Thompson's "Solitude"

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  • Leopold

    Very thoughtful piece! One small quibble - (ahem) - 'Wurlitzer', not Rhodes.

    Mr. Thompson must be seen live to be truly appreciated - his recent experiments with keyboard looping-via-foot-taps while playing guitar are a marvel and an utterly original touch to his fantastic set.

  • Jonathan L. Fischer

    Thanks for the correction! Fixed.