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Rare Essence Announces 31st Anniversary Show

Rare Essence uptown_REreunion1Ready to start planning for the fall? Go-go vets Rare Essence have announced a 31st anniversary show, "Past, Present & Future Reunion," that will take place Saturday, Sept. 11 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City. Old-school RE members such as James Funk and Donnell Floyd will be there, and they'll be paying tribute to members of the RE family who are no longer with us, such as members Footz Davidson and Lil' Benny Harley, and their first manager and longtime go-go supporter, Annie Mack. Yours truly fondly remembers seeing these go-go pioneers way back when with an elaborate stage set at the old Capital Centre, as well as on a small plain stage jammed under a tent on the mall at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. This reunion gig is billed as "a grownup sexy atmosphere for mature clientele." That means "no athletic wear," say the promoters, and of course, such steps are  intended to help prevent any of the trouble that has sometimes occurred in connection with go-go shows in the area.  If you can't wait till September (or want to compare the approach of the 21st century RE with earlier versions), the current incarnation of RE plays every Friday at the Tradewinds in Temple Hills, Md., and every Saturday at the Gallery, in Silver Spring, Md.

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  • LOL

    when you have to say "a grownup sexy atmosphere for mature clientele” it lets me know that there will be at least one fight. As my grandma would say the crowd will not be "our kind of people."

  • NeiceeB

    Wish it was a grown and sexy 35 and over event. As much as I would love to go (and still might attend), I cringe at the thought of partying with the young wild, wild west crew. LOL - no such thing as a "fight" these days, the unruly only shoot guns! When and where is the 40 and over preview show for the truly, mature fans? Thanks!

  • criss66

    I agree with NeiceeB...nowadays the "MATURE" is considered 25,30yrs old.No offense but my oldest child is 27 and in my days of seeing ESSENCE to now....25,30 the "grown up sexy" will probably range in ages from 25 on up.I LOVE THAT OLD HOWARD THEATRE, MAVERICK ROOM ESSENCE!!!!