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Tonight: Vigil for Late Go-Go Trailblazer Little Benny

No word yet on funeral arrangements. Click Track reports that Ballou Senior High School will host a vigil for Anthony "Little Benny" Harley, who was a member of Rare Essence and later played with Chuck Brown and other go-go acts. Harley, who graduated from Ballou, died Sunday morning.

The Ballou Marching Band will perform a tribute to Harley at the vigil tonight.

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  • Dawn Chapman

    OMG ! Realization is just hitting me. I will truly miss u Benny. Thinking about the fun I used to have hanging out at the Coliseum and the Celebrity Hall (The Black Hole) back in the Daze standing in front of the stage while you were performing was just exciting. You were a very Pleasant, Decent Young Man with a voice that would make a woman scream. May God be with your Family and us Loved Ones. MASTER OF GO-GO RIP...See U Soon !

  • Mark Stancell

    Nothing like Club LaBaron back in the old days...You kept Palmer Park pumpin on the weekends. The beginning of your rise to the top of your game....I'm just glad at the age of 13 (back in the 80's) I have the pleasure of hearing you and Funk makin it do what it do....

    Prayers to your family....YOU WILL BE MISSED....BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN...Lil Benny will be cranking for years to come in the DMV

  • stevek

    Friday June 11,2010 A 9a-11a Service will be held for Lil Benny @ the DC Convention Center section E

  • Jerry Kaigler

    I will truly miss lil Benny. He was so gifted and there is no one that could ever replace his voice. Go-go music could have faded out long ago if it was not for pioneers like Chuck Brown and Lil Benny. Thank you for all of the memories.