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Third Best Thing to Do This Weekend After Heading to Beach, Icing Bros: 9:30 Club’s 30th Birthday Party

If you're on the 9:30 Club's mailing list or frequent its message board, then you know this already; if you're not, you may be out of the luck: The venerable club turned 30 this year, and on Monday it's hosting  a free Memorial Day bash to celebrate. District son Henry Rollins, of Black Flag and the best book review ever, is the event's MC, and Rockville-born techno artist BT will play house DJ. The lineup, which you can scope out after the jump, draws from throughout the venue's history, including the first band to play the club, Tiny Desk Unit, and the legendary go-go act Trouble Funk. Ian MacKaye and Amy Farina's the Evens are also playing; it's their first show in about three years. Mailing-listers and message-boarders have first dibs on tickets, but there should be some available the day of. No clue yet when the show starts; I called the club this morning and was told set times won't be available till Monday.

Lineup: Trouble Funk, the Evens, Ted Leo, Bob Mould, the Psychedelic Furs, Marti Jones and Don Dixon, the Pietasters, Tiny Desk Unit, the Fleshtones, the Slickee Boys, Clutch, Justin Jones, and Tommy Keene.

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